We have costumes for…

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Solo Performers

We have some unique solo costumes for your dance. Whether it is Bolly hip-hop, Traditional dance, or a specific theme that you would like to showcase, we have something for you.

Dance Groups

Are you looking for costumes for dance groups. If you are looking for costumes for groups up to thirty five dances we have many choices that will fit your dance needs, from traditional, bollywood, fusion and many more styles.

School and College Teams

Many schools have Bollywood and Indian traditional dance clubs and teams. Teams come together in September, and have performances all the way till April and even May the next year. Teams usually spend about 3-4 months planning their theme, selecting music, and deciding and buying costumes.

Large Dance Teams

We have a huge collection of thousands of costumes. If you need a large number of costumes, we would like to be the one place for your entire dance performance.

Dandiya and Festival Events

Around Dussehra, most cities will have Dandiya and Garba celebrations. Why buy expensive dandiya dresses when you can rent from our very large collection of dresses.

Unique and Custom Dance Dresses

If you lead, or are part of a dance team, or a dance teacher who is looking for something special for your dance performance, consider working with us to get the costumes specially tailored to your theme.

Corporate Events

Many companies now support diversity with supporting employees to celebrate important events and celebrations at work. Is there is a Diwali function at your office, we have some bright colorful costumes for you.

Wedding Celebrations

Want to have that traditional Indian wedding, like in the movies? We have colorful and intricate designs for the bride, groom and the wedding party. Looking for custom designs? We can help!