Frequently Asked Questions

I’m trying to get organized, do let me know if the answers here help. Let me know what I can do better.

What Information do we need to help you?

Tell us the Date of the event, The name and location of the event, how many costumes, number of groups, age groups…

Date of event and Location: We want to make sure that the costume we recommend/show you are available on that date, and that we have enough time to ship them to you.

Name of the event: We want to make sure that the costumes you use, and not used by others at the same event. Let us know. We want the costumes your wear to be unique.

Number of costumes, age groups, number of groups: This will help us prepare for a call with you.

Type of costumes, song, type of dance: The more you tell us upfront, the more we can help. If you have dancers doing jumps and flips, we can recommend costumes that will give them the flexibility that they need.

Can we just rent Blouses/Tops or Lehengas/Bottom? Can we mix and match?

Yes. If all you want is Tops/Blouses, or Lehengas/Harem’s/Bottoms you take just those. You can also mix and match.

What sizes do you have?

Tell us about your event, number of people, measurements and we can tell you what costumes are available and what the sizes are. Use our measurement instructions at How to take measurements for Lehenga and Choli for best practices to send us measurements. We typically have a range for most sizes. Contact us for details.

Do you have similar costumes in different colors?

Most of the time we do not carry the same design in different colors. There will be a few that will be available, but that depends on the type of costumes. Examples of costumes with color selection available include bharat natyam dresses, or harem’s.

Can we come and see/try on the costumes?

Unfortunately I am not showing costumes at my house. For most of my costumes I can send you pictures of other customers who have used them before. One thing that all our customers say, the pictures are great, but the costumes always look much better in real life.

I need costumes tomorrow, can you help?

We would like to help anybody who reaches out, it is difficult for us to send you costumes immediately. Please reach out as soon as you can.

That being said, we want to help, let us know.

What is the best way to get in touch?

Whatsapp is the best way to reach out to us.

How many costumes do you have?

We have thousands of costumes. We have been in business from 2016 and add a large number of costumes to our stock every year.

I need 500 costumes, can you help?

Yes. I am happy to give you references of customers who have rented a lot of costumes for their annual shows.