About Us

For the longest time it was really difficult and expensive to get Indian dance costumes in any part of the United States. For a dance program it is usually a parent, taking the lead, and either stitching the clothes themselves, or getting it made by a friend, who knows a friend, who knows somebody in India.

I know this well, for more than six years I have worked with my children’s dance teacher to help make costumes for their dances. I saw a niche, and decided that I will try to create a dance costume company, if it doesn’t work it’s fine, I will continue to make costumes for my children.

The past few years have been hectic. Lot of people are looking for Indian Dance costumes, and my customers have liked my costumes and service. We are one of the few Indian dance costume companies that supports local customers in the Bay Area, but are supporting dance programs all over the United States.

Our costumes have travelled to Chicago, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Minneapolis, Edison, New York, Boulder, Buffalo and many many more cities and towns in the United States. The costumes you get from us are only those that we would wear, or have our children wear. We are happy to provide you references of a customer near you.

Do get in touch with me, I am happy to help!


Nikki’s Costume Creations Hours

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