How much does shipping cost?

We use Fedex for all our shipping. We charge you only what Fedex charges us. We have an account and get discounts based on the volume we ship. Any discount we get, we pass that on to you.

We do not know the cost of shipping upfront. Fedex has a complex charging system based on volume of the package and weight. We will only know the cost after we have packed the costumes. We will send you the cost/details as soon as we know.

We ship the costumes early so that they reach you 3-4 days before your event. Typically it will take 4 days for the package to reach you. You can pay for expedited shipping if you prefer receiving them faster.

If you would like to use our Fedex account for shipping the costumes back to us, we can send you a shipping label. We will send you the label once you confirm that it is packed and ready to ship back to us.

If you would like to use your own shipping account, we will send you the package details (size, weight) and you can send us the label.