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Costumes for High School Dance Team
High School Dance Team

Many schools have Bollywood and Indian traditional dance clubs and teams. Teams come together in September, and have performances all the way till April and even May the next year. Teams usually spend about 3-4 months planning their theme, selecting music, and deciding and buying costumes.

Most of the dance teams typically buy costumes on amazon, or a parent will do the work of getting custom costumes made. And once the season is over, the costumes go into the bottom of a closet never to see the light of day (stage!) again.

What we do

If you are part of a school dance team, or a parent who is helping a dance team with their selection of costumes, consider working with us.

We will:

  1. Work with the team/leaders to design a costume that aligns with their theme
  2. Take measurements and get custom costumes made for all team members
  3. These costumes are tailored and delivered to your team

These costumes are rented to your team, but there is no per day charge, you keep the costumes, till the end of the season, and then return them to us.

Whats different

All costumes are unique and exclusive for your team. You can be sure that these costumes have never been seen on a dance stage anywhere in the United States (likely the world!).

For the season, the costumes will cost you the same, or less than what you would have paid for the costumes anyway.

You get costumes tailored to fit the dancer. They are also designed for the dance; so if your steps require stretching, flips and any other movement, the costumes will hold up!

The costume that would have, gone to the bottom shelf of your closet and stayed there…gets a new life, and continue to wow dancers and spectators for a few more years.

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