Unique and Custom Dance Dresses

If you lead, or are part of a dance team, or a dance teacher who is looking for something special for your dance performance, consider working with us to get the costumes specially tailored to your theme.

For customers who are looking for a specific theme or costumes that they would like to use for multiple events, we have a new offering that we have started.

We will:

  1. Work with your dance troupe to design a costume that aligns with their theme
  2. Take measurements and get custom costumes made for all team members
  3. These costumes are tailored and delivered to your team

These costumes are rented to your team, as and when you need them. You can give us a schedule and we will make sure they are available for the dates you tell us.

Custom made dance costumes

All costumes are unique and exclusive for your dance troupe. You can be sure that these costumes have never been seen on a dance stage anywhere in the United States (likely the world!).

You get dance costumes tailored to fit the dancer. They are also designed for the dance; so if your steps require stretching, flips and any other movement, the costumes will hold up!