Harem Pants

Harem Pants for Rent

We have so many styles and colors of Harem Pants. They are long baggy pants that hold the ankle. The primary advantage of Harem Pants (Harems) are they are easy to put on, sit very comfortably on your body, in a dance that has a lot of movement and stretching. They look absolutely fabulous on the stage.

A Harem pant needs to be part of our dance. It is the weight of the cloth that will make your costume stand out. When you spin around the pants need to flare up, and slowly settle when you stop. If you are just simply standing there, the pants must show the fullness of the material and the hold the form.

Harem Pants for Rent
Men’s Harem Pants

We select the cloth for our Harems very carefully. Yes, you can buy harems on Amazon, but we will guarantee that they will not feel as lush and filled out as they ones that we have.

We have a very large collection of harems with different colors, styles and sizes that range from toddlers 2 years and above, all the way to adults. If you are looking for costumes for up to 30-40 dancers we can help.

Harem Pants for Dance
Girls Harem Pants