Anarkali Suits

Anarkali Dance costume for Rent

We are getting a lot of requests for Anarkali Costumes. There are multiple style’s of Indian anarkali dresses that we have. We have traditional Anarkalis, bollywood anarkalis, and anarkali’s for kathak.

The anarkali is a very regal, flowing dress. The dress itself accentuates every movement of the dance. Whether you are walking, running, spinning in circles, the dress will follow your every move. You feel the magestic swish of the dress when you walk, and see the gher of the dress when you are doing spins. We believe that our dresses really shine when you come to a stop, and you see the rich fabric of the dress slowly settle on your body completing the movement that you were doing.

Costumes for Solo dances

Anarkali Dress Video

Here is a video of our clients with one of our many Anarkali costumes. You will notice how the costume becomes part of every move that the dancer makes.

Our Anarkali dresses have been used for Dance Performances, Ladies Sangeet, and as Bridesmaids dresses. Contact us to know more.