Bollywood Costume Rental

Bollywood dance is such a colourful expression of dance, movement, and emotions. We want your dance performance to be absolutely special. There isn’t a specific style or costume that signifies bollywood. It depends on the song, the words, the movements, you want a costume that will embellish the dance, and become part of the story you are telling.

Whether it is “Dhol Baaje”, “Ghagara”, or “Tu Meri”, let us know what you are looking for and we will show you costumes that can fit your theme.

We have a large selection of vibrant colors and styles. You will not be disappointed.

Sometimes it is something completely different that you are looking for. A large skirt that encompasses the entire stage, military costumes, props, do ask us, we can help!

And if you need custom costumes for an entire dance season reach out to us anyway, we will likely be able to give you custom designs and a rental for less than what you would spend to buy the costumes.