Costume’s for College Dance Teams

There are many Bollywood college dance teams in the United States. Season usually begins in September, and goes on till competitions in February and March. The dance teams work really hard through the season with planning a theme, selecting the music, deciding prop’s, deciding and buying costumes, working out choreography and of course practice…practice…practice.

Most professional dance teams require changes in sets, props and costumes through the dance. This can sometimes get pretty expensive. And once the season is over, the costumes go into the bottom of a closet never to see the light of day (stage!) again.

Our offering

If you are part of a college dance team, or know somebody who is part of a competitive dance team, do get in touch with us. Over the past few years we have started working with College dance teams to put together a unique costume set for them.

  1. Work with the dance captains/leaders to understand the theme
  2. Design unique and exclusive custom fit costumes made for the team
  3. Team use the costumes for the complete season
  4. Teams return the costumes to us at the end of the season

Whats different

All costumes are unique and exclusive for your team. You can be sure that these costumes have never been seen on a dance stage anywhere in the United States (likely the world!).

It will cost your team LESS than what you would have budgeted for the costumes anyway. Yes this is true, we are happy to give you references of teams that have worked with us.

And the costume that would have, gone to the bottom shelf of your closet and stayed there…gets a new life, and continue to wow dancers and spectators for a few more years.

The team won Best Costume too!