Lavani Saree

Lavani Dance Costume for Rent
Gondal Dance

The Lavani Saree is typically a 9 yard saree that is worn in a kashta style, which is tucked into the waist at the back. Wearing the sari well is an art more than a technique. When it is worn well it looks lovely.

We want to make sure the sarees look great on stage, and you can dance with abandon, not worrying about “is the saree holding…” our saree’s are pre-stitched with elastic waist bands, making putting them on a breeze. They come with a blouse that both contrast’s and complements that saree.

Lavani Dance Costumes for Rent
Lavani Dance Costumes

They are available in multiple sizes and styles, so you can just pick a size that works for you and it will look like a professional tied the saree for you. Your dance can be as complicated as you choose, the saree will hold.

Lavani Nauvari Sari

Lavani Dance Costume for Rent

Maharashtrian Jewelry and Hair Accessories

The lavani saree is typically work with the hair in a bun, with a gajra (of white jasmine flowers). It is worn with jewelry, a necklace(short or long), earings, and Kambarpatta (waistbelt), and the nath (nose ring). We have whole range of jewelry for lavani dance to choose from.

We can provide just the Saree, or the Saree along with the accessories and jewelry.