Ghoomar Lehengas

Lehengas for Ghoomar Dance

Deepika Padukone’s Ghoomar dance video brought the Ghoomar dance into the limelight. She did over 62 twirls in the Ghoomar rajasthani dance. A ghoomar dress has a flowing lehenga that looks lovely when the dancer twirls away.

All of our Skirts and Lehengas are made for the dancer spinning as part of the dance. As the dancer begins to twirl the spread of the fabric will begin to rise with the movement. When the dancer comes to a stop, the fabric continues to move and swings to a stop, then it slowly swings back letting gravity take back control on the dress.

Ghoomar Rajastani Dance Costumes for Rent
Ghoomar Dance Dresses

We are confident that you will not see the level of flow and movement in any readymade dress. Our costumes are made for dancing.