Some of our Costumes

Garba Lehenga

We have a huge collection of Garba Lehengas. Whether you are looking for one dress to stand out at a Dandiya event, or up to forty costumes to dress up an entire group, we can help.

Our garba lehengas are the perfect dress for a garba dance. So whether it is Dhol Baaje that you are looking for a dress for, or for Garba, we can help.

Sequins tops

We have many variations of sequin tops. Here is a sample of them.

Bollywood Dance Costumes for Rent
bollywood dance costumes

Garba Jackets/Kotis

Traditional Jackets are also called Kotis. You can enhance your costumes by adding these Koti’s for any kind of dance.

Costumes with lights

We have been working with dance teams building LED Light costumes. Take a look at some of the videos of the Lights.

Demonstration of LED Light System

Different parts of our system

The LED system consists of 3 parts:

  • LED Lights that are sewn/stuck on the costume
  • LED Controller that the dancer wears
  • Wireless Remote control that can start the light sequence remotely

The lights are started remotely, and the lights for all the dancers will be in Sync. This can be used for Prop’s also.

The lights are programmable. So you decide at what point in the song you want to trigger the lights, and from that point the sequence will begin to play.

The sequence could simply be to blink to the beat, or much more complex where you can highlight specific parts of your dance.

Example of Lights used by SJSU Sahaara

SJSU Sahaara – Testimonial

Thanks SJSU Sahaara for using our costumes and lights, and this wonderful testimonial.

Watch the lights in action at the SJSU Performance at Atlanta

Click here to go to the video.

See the full video of the performance.

Sequin Jacket

We have a big selection of Sequin Jackets. The pictures here are only some samples of the choices we have. You may be looking for sequin jackets for men, women, girls and boys, we have something for everybody.

Ghoomar Lehengas

Our Ghoomar Skirts are multilayered, and made with rich, heavy material. Our costumes will move with your dance, just the way that it should.

Lavani Saree

Our Lavani Nauvari Sarees are pre-tied with elastic. We have accessories like the hair bun, gajra and traditional jewelry also available for rent.

Anarkali Suits

Looking for an Anarkali suits and Costumes for your dance? Why buy when you can rent, and were something different for every performance. We have a large selection at a very affordable price.

Harem Pants

We have many many styles of Harem Pants. Our Pants are made with rich/heavy material that will fill out and look lovely when you wear them.